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How to manage back pain after childbirth

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A mother has a lot to think about after giving birth and having aches and cramps does not help. However, if you are experiencing backache during pregnancy, there are various home remedies for back pain that you might try.

Here are ways of managing back pain after childbirth

1 Exercise

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You can try a variety of activities to relieve back discomfort after birth. Exercising can assist in reducing the stress placed on strained muscles and ligaments. You can begin soothing yoga poses and stretching exercises after childbirth to improve your flexibility and endurance. Walking is the best workout for women who have had a C-section. 

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2 Do not engage in strenuous physical activity just after birth especially if you've undergone surgery, get as much rest as possible. After months of tension, your muscles and joints require relaxation.

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3 Lifting hefty weights or engaging in weight-training routines can put your muscles and joints under a lot of stress.

4 Maintain a proper posture

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While nursing, sit up straight and avoid leaning on your infant. While breastfeeding your child, keep your back straight. You can also easily breastfeed while lying on your side.

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5 Sleep in a position that is comfortable for you. Use a thin, soft cushion with enough firmness to support your head. Even after birth, a pregnancy pillow or a couple of ordinary pillows should be used to support your back while sleeping.

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