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Do You Want Your Child To Be Intelligent?, Try These Three Things

Is your child having trouble in school? Is she susceptible to losing things? Try these three formulas and you'll find a difference in no time.

It is self-evident that some children are smarter than others. Kids with higher intelligence have different brain functions than those with lower intelligence.

Today, we'll look at three things you can do to help your child move from last to first place.

Let's take a look at some of the most relevant facts about the brain. Our brain is not set, but it is expandable, which means that the more we use it, the more it expands and the easier things become to understand.

Here are three things you can do to support your child's cognitive development.

1. Emphasize to the child that failure is not a permanent state. In other words, his brain and the brain of the person who finished first in the class are identical.

This is important because some children feel their brains are different and that they are naturally boring. That is not the case; the only difference is that the other reads more than he does. If you tell the child that his brain is the same as yours, you will notice that he will put more effort into his studies.

2. Provide chocolate to the infant on a regular basis.

Chocolate intake has been shown in many studies to activate our brain cells, which enhances our memory. As a consequence, sometimes feeding your children chocolate can boost his retentive memory.

However, don't give the kid too much chocolate because it has some mild side effects.

3. Allow your child to play games that enable him or her to think, as this will train the brain to think.

Some parents claim that games are detrimental to children, but the reality is that there are games that can help us develop our imagination.

Another choice is to buy building blocks for your children and let them use their imagination to make various shapes. By the time they complete these, their brain would have become accustomed to operating at that stage.

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