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Top 5 Outfit Ideas for Maternity Photoshoot

Expecting moms usually document their nine months journey whit pictures taken to remember each moment before the beautiful child arrives into their waiting arms.

While most of the pictures are taken by an amateur, either friends or the husband, the final months to delivery takes a different turn and requires extra attention and fashion sense.

The cloths worn during the preceding month may be the usual everyday attire, the final photoshoot outfits comes different.

No matter the outfit selected, it must convey the beauty of the bump because if you don't show it off, who will?


Robes are the in thing in for expecting mums. they come in long gown size with fluffy bottoms. it's transparent and very light to carry around.

robes are usually free design and flowing dress. the major materials to use is either tulle net material or a chiffon.

Maxi dress

Maxi dress is the queen of comfortability for a photoshoot. expecting moms can easily go for this option as it allows for space while keeping the classic big mummy look.

The Maxi is full flowing gown.

Bodycon gown

Out of the listed outfits none brings out the perfect shape of the expecting mum like the bodycon gown. Usually a stretchy material or licra, the bodycon hugs the mom in all the right place bringing out the unique figure and the bump too.

the tightness is soft and does not pose any danger to either the baby or the mother because of the skin friendly material.

Open belly flowing gown

Open belly flowing gown usually in a chiffon material allows you show off your baby bump in a romantic way. This is one of the major outfit most people go for because everyone want to show of the beauty of the bump.

Turtle neck top/ gown.

Turtle neck is back in our fashion consciousness and we are not letting go even for the expecting moms. The choice of a turtle neck can be mixed with a jean and even the husband can twin with the wife on this call. the softness of the turtle neck and elasticity allows the bump to take it's pride of place in the shoot. Don't forget to add the blue or pink baby shoes on top of the bump.

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