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Side effects of epidural during labor

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Epidural anesthesia is used to relieve pain in a specific area of the body. Unlike general anesthesia which causes a complete loss of sensation, epidural anesthesia gives pain relief by reducing sensation in the lower half of the body. Although many women choose epidural anesthesia during labor, it has a number of negative effects on both the mother and the infant.

Side effects of epidural on the mother during pregnancy

1 A drop in blood pressure

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The use of epidural anesthesia might cause a significant reduction in blood pressure. It can make you feel nauseous or dizzy which is why during epidural anesthesia blood pressure is regularly monitored to ensure adequate blood supply to the infant. If the mother's blood pressure drops, IV infusions, medicines, and oxygen are given to her right away.

2 Backache

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Backache is one of the most common epidural side effects. The discomfort could occur in the position where the needle is inserted. It could also be due to a leak of spinal fluid or an allergic reaction to any of the drugs administered or contained in the needle.

3 Numbness after childbirth

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During childbirth, women who are given epidural anesthetic may experience numbness in their lower body part and this might happen for a long time to the point that they may need help walking a small distance.

Side effects of epidural on the baby

1 Epidural can even reduce the amount of blood and oxygen delivered to the fetus. This could occur if or when the mother's blood pressure drops below normal.

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2 it can cause feeding problems for the infant because the epidural anesthetic dulls the sensation of the baby's soft palate which is essential for latching and sucking and this may take the infant a long time to latch and suck.

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