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3 Things Parent Should Stop Doing In The Presence Of Their Children

In every culture, it is agreed that the family is the first link of socialization of the individual. Also, a large part of a person’s personality is formed when he or she is young. Childhood is therefore a very sensitive step to live with a lot of care.

Every parent wants the best for their children and they also want the best output from the children. This expectation leads them to do some things that may harm the internal and external wellbeing of the child. Here are three things parent should avoid doing when their children are present;

1. Arguing in front of your children

When we fight, we usually say nasty things that sometimes we do not think. This is the first reason why you should not argue in front of the child because you can insult your spouse and forget, but often children do not forget. Also, arguing in front of the child gives an image of instability to the child. Whereas once the image of one of the parents is distorted in the child, it automatically leads to an emotional imbalance in him. The child may keep this negative image of his parents for a long period.

2. Having intimate affairs when children are around

Some people have the habit of having intimate affairs in the presence of their children which is very wrong. Intimate affairs should be private and away from children because it is too early for them to start seeing such things. For all obvious reasons, it is a bad idea to have an intimate affair when your child is around or to even get naughty with each other.

3. Get Drunk

Several studies show that children whose parents drink alcohol in front of them tend to not consider drinking as ‘harmful’ or ‘bad’, and are more likely to start drinking earlier than other children. In fact, such children are also twice as likely as other children to ‘abuse’ alcohol and binge on it. It is therefore important to refrain from getting drunk when your children are present.

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