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Tips On How To Protect Your Baby From The Dangers Of Hot Weather

We are almost in the hot weather and every parent needs these tips on how to safeguard their babies from the hot weather.

Babies can't regulate their body temperatures as adults so the weather can be a bit dangerous for them if care is not taken and they are not monitored.

The dangers attached to this are normally overlooked and it shouldn't be so as this can cause overheating which is a major factor in sudden infant death syndrome. Below are 5 easy tips every mother should observe:

1) Always Check the thermostat: 

It is important to know that you can also use your own temperature to measure the baby's own, if you're hot then the baby's hot. It is then prominent that you monitor the weather and turn off or on the air conditioner when it warrants. 

2) Dress the Baby Appropriately:

 When at home during the hot weather, dress the baby appropriately. If possible, the baby should be dressed in singlets and diapers for their body to be cool and not be overly warm or wear then a simple overall. No need to bundle the baby up in thick clothes during the summer.

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3) Proper Hydration For the Baby:

When babies are crying without tears or have fewer wet diapers, don't rejoice it might be a sign of dehydration and since they can't talk, you will need to make sure as a mother that they are properly hydrated. You can avoid that situation by always giving them extra feeding even if in small doses. It is important to know that breast milk or formula are highly recommended against water as their small body can't process water well yet.

4) Do not leave your baby in the car:

No matter how tempting this is, do not leave your baby sleeping even while she is napping peacefully in the car because it can lead to a dangerous heat stroke. Babies are more prone to this since their bodies can heat up almost 5 times than the adult's body.

5) Shield Your Baby From The Sun:

Always try to stay indoors during the peak sun hours of between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you must step outside, dress your baby in breathable wear and cover as much part of the body as possible to avoid sunburn.

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