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How To Prove To Your Children That You Love Them

When it comes to parenting, some people do not understand the importance of love. As you love your husband or wife and expect them to love you too, so also are your children looking up to you for love. You must love your children unconditionally. You don't bring into the world a child you will not love.

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Some people, especially in Africa have used excessive discipline to replace love. This is not advisable. You must love your children. You don't just love a child and dislike the other. You must show them equal love because they are all your children. No one is better than the other.

Many people believe that the best way to show love to their children is by putting food on the table, sending them to school and buying them everything they need. If this is you, you are only fulfilling your duty as a parent, but you aren't showing enough love to your children. I would not say that you aren't doing well. You are doing well, but there are some things that are lacking.

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Of course, fulfilling your duties as a parent is one of the ways to show that you love your children, but if you are fulfilling those duties alone, it is not enough. There are many other ways you can prove to your children that you love them. These ways have been included in this article alongside fulfilling your duties as a parent.

You have to make out time for your children. Some parents are too busy that they don't have time for their children. You need to be available for your children. No matter how busy you are, you need to make out time for your children once in awhile.

Play with your children. Playing with your children is one of the best ways to show that you love them. Help them repair their toys, do hide and seek with them, make them laugh and smile. No matter the amount of money you give your children, they will be more satisfied if you are always around them to play with them.

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If you play with your children, it will give them a sense of belonging. There will be a kind of emotional attachment that will be created between you and your children. If your children have your love and backing, they will be more confident in whatever they are doing. They won't be easily bullied.

Create parent-children relationship with them. This is very important in getting your children attached to you. This has to do with creating time for your children. If you have good rapport with your children, you will have more time to discuss more important things with them.

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Parenting doesn't end at training your children in school, buying them everything they need, giving them money and making the environment comfortable for them. You also need to show them love by being around them.

If you have good communication relationship with your children, they will be able to tell you things that are bothering them. You will know when they are happy and when they are sad. Please always make out time to be with your children. Play with them and show them love. With these, you have shown love to them.

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