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5 Movies That You Must Never Allow Your Children To Watch

The world is full of difficulties and those difficulties are sometimes caused by our society, the music we listen to, and even some films we watch. 


We must also understand that our children are very sensitive to things around them and the movies they watch. 


It is now very imperative that parents do not consider films that must not be exposed to children. They only care about letting the children enjoy themselves with whatever films they see around them. However, we must know the type of film we must allow our children to watch if we do not want to endanger their future. In this article, I will reveal five movies that you must not allow your children to watch.


Spartacus is an American movie that talks about what happened in ancient Rome.  


The film was based on the reality of what happened in ancient Rome, thus most things related to blood and nudity were made real in the film.  


Therefore, it is a movie that can corrupt a child's mind and lead him or her to bear the sight of blood and expose them to sex. 


2. The Wrong Turn: 


This is another film that only teaches the morals of evil people who are addicted to eating human flesh. 


That is the reason why such films are not suitable for a house where children have access to watch films that they want. 


Since we all know that children can do things even when we are not around, we should not teach our children that human flesh is eatable by taking the wrong turn. 


3. Into The Badlands


This film is replete with lots of bloody scenes. There are a lot of scenes where humans are killed brutally, especially by stabbing people to death in the movie. 


Such a film is never a good film for parents who have small children. 


4. The Underworld: 


This film portrayed humans as werewolves, and it is a film where blood-sucking humans have the upper hand. 


It revealed how they transform into different things and portrayed them as powerful after transformation. 


The film can infiltrate the minds of little children to the extent of making them willing to be part of the strange humans. 


5. Corpus Christi:


Without further delay, this film has been banned in many countries because of the evil it preaches. 


The film portrays Jesus Christ and his disciples as gays. 


The film indirectly preaches that all men should be gay. That is why it is banned in many countries. 


As a parent, it would be good not to jeopardize the future of children by buying just any film for them to watch. It is important to know that most films corrupt their minds.

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