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4 Parenting Styles That Makes Children Stubborn And 6 Ways To Handle Such Children

It could be embarrassing when a parent tries to prevent their children from doing something especially in public such as picking things from the floor or refusal to obey their parents' commands. Normally, a child is meant to obey his or her parents. When children fail to do so, they are labelled as stubborn.

4 Parenting Styles That Makes Children Stubborn

1. Parents that threaten their children with a specific punishment if they commit a particular offence or do something wrong without delivering on that punishment when the child actually does something wrong will harden the child's heart to be stubborn towards his or her parent.

2. Parents that give their children the freedom to do anything they like without setting a limit or boundaries will lead the child into thinking that their parents have no right to tell them what not to do.

3. Parents who are stubborn themselves will only influence their children to be stubborn too. Because children's first stage of education is the home, they are easily influenced by the situation in the house.

4. Parents that fail to acknowledge their children when they are doing the right thing will make the child to crave their parent's attention by doing the wrong thing.

6 Ways Parents Can Handle Stubborn Children

1. When your child commits an offence or does something you commanded him or her not to do, seize or deprive the child of something. It could be a gift, a trip to the shopping mall or even a movie. In addition, let the child know his or her offence and why you are depriving them of what they want.

2. Don't ever reward a child for bad behaviour.

3. When the child misbehaves, ignore him or her. However, shower them with attention when they are behaving well. This subconsciously makes them understand what good behaviour entails.

4. Do not assist your children in things that they are supposed to do themselves. This can make them lazy.

5. When your child refuses to do something, you can try asking them of their reasons for the disobedience. If their response is sensible, work at helping them overcome the issue.

6. Let the child understand that your orders and directives on their life are for their best. For example, if a child refuses to sweep his room, explain to him or her that exposure to dirt can cause illness.

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