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Pregnancy period

4 Things That Women Should Avoid When They Are Pregnant

It's normal for a woman to become pregnant, and taking care of the pregnancy is very important. There are certain things that a woman should avoid, to protect her unborn child. This article will look at 4 things that women should avoid, when they are pregnant. They include the following:

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1. Caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant and has the ability to increase your blood pressure, and heart rate. It is important to know that caffeine also goes into your placenta, when you are pregnant. It may affect the baby in the womb because, the baby's metabolism is still developing. You should not take it in excess, to prevent it from affecting your baby. Caffeine can also be found in other eatable food items like chocolate. It is better you avoid it, so it doesn't affect your baby's health.

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2. Some types of food

There are certain kinds of food that women should avoid when they are pregnant, and they include the following:

i. Pregnant women should avoid eating undercooked meat because, it may contain a bacteria called toxoplasmosis or salmonella.

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ii. Pregnant women should avoid fishes that contains a high amount of mercury.

iii. Pregnant women should avoid taking raw egg because, it may contain a bacteria called salmonella and it may harm the unborn child. Pregnant women should always take enough water, and eat enough fruits and vegetables.

3. Second hand smoke

It is important that pregnant women should avoid inhaling smoke from the environment. Second hand smoke contains dangerous chemicals, that are bad for the health. Inhaling second hand smoke may cause the following to a pregnant woman; miscarriage, premature delivery, and sudden infant death syndrome.

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4. Alcohol

Pregnant women should avoid taking alcohol because, it can move from the bloodstream through the placenta and umbilical cord to the unborn baby. This can cause damage to the baby's organs and brain.

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It is important that you don't do things that will harm your unborn child. Don't forget to visit a doctor, to know more about things that can harm your child in your tummy.

Source: healthline

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