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Is your child in boarding school? See the things that do happen in boarding school they won't tell

Most occasions, the truth behind why Parents take their children to a life experience or boarding school is a result of Work. Because of how tedious their work can be, they end up sending their children to hostel to live. Despite the fact that life experience or boarding school is acceptable, it additionally has it awful sides. 

Talking from my Experience as A Former Hostel Matron of a Boarding school, there are a couple of horrible things that really go on in School lodgings, and your Kids may very well be too terrified to even consider telling you. They may not disclose to you anything as a result of being afraid, and they may have been compromised by the senior ones. 

How about we see a portion of those things beneath; 

1. Senior Students Eating The Food And Provisions Of The Junior Ones. 

This is extremely normal in hostels. The senior children are consistently partial to Junior ones in seizing and eating their foods.

2. Fight Among Students 

We all know harassment is a regular thing in boarding or experience school, particularly when the junior ones stay in similar hostel as the Senior ones. I have seen situations where Seniors request that juniors wash their garments, dress their beds and even take care of their tasks for them. 

3. Seniors Molesting the Junior students.

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