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How to encourage active play in toddlers

Any type of play that involves movement is referred to as active play and active play can take place anywhere as long as your child has enough space to move around. When your child is playing indoors, make sure the space is free of risks such as sharp corners or tippable furniture.

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Active play is beneficial for more than just releasing your child's energy. It's essential for your child's developing muscles and bones to grow strong and healthy, as well as for improving physical endurance.

How to encourage active play in toddlers

Young toddlers require a lot of practice time to learn new skills such as walking, running, climbing, and throwing and you can encourage your child to do so by playing games, taking her to the playground, and allowing her to assist you around the house.

1 Neighborhood stroll

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 Take a walk around the neighborhood holding hands with your child. You can show your kid interesting objects and see what draws his or her attention.

2 Chase me

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 Encourage your toddler to chase you by running, but not too quickly. She'll be more excited if you also show excitement. It can also be the other way round.

3 Allow your child to assist around the house

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 Encourage your child to pull items from your shopping bags as you unpack the groceries, or offer her a pint-sized mop or broom to clean the floors.

4 Keep the balloon up

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Fill a balloon with air and have your child see how long she can maintain it in the air before it falls to the ground.

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