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Dear Parents, Here Are 4 Foods You Should Not Always Include In Your Children's Lunchbox

All we want is for our children to live a healthy life and grow into reputable individuals in the society. Truly, I must applaud parents because they're doing a great job in this respect. However, parents have been advised to reduce the rate of sugary foods they give to their children because it could lead to obesity and tooth decay. 

Most parents are fond of packing junk foods for their kids while going to school, but these foods aren't exactly health-friendly. Fruits and cooked foods should be a better alternative because they're more nutritious. In this article, I will be showing you some foods parents should not always include in their children's food basket.

1. Fries. 

Parents are usually fond of including fries in their kids' lunchbox because it is easy to prepare, but studies have shown that fries contain unstable oils that may be unhealthy for the body when consumed in excess. Parents should try and substitute fries for other healthy foods such as cooked yam, rice, cooked potato and others.

2. Candies.

It has somehow become a norm for parents to give their children candy every morning before going to school, but this shouldn't be encouraged. Candies are high in sugar and studies has shown that prolong intake of it could cause tooth decay in children, it may also lead to cravings and obesity among others. Parents should reduce the rate at which they give their children candies because it's not good for their health, especially when eaten excessively.

3. Fast foods.

To avoid taking their children late to school, parents usually go for fast foods because they're easy and fast to prepare. However, studies have shown that fast foods are high in sodium and refined carbs. Excessive intake of these two nutrients could be harmful to the health. Parents are advised to prepare healthy foods the following day, so the task won't be too hectic on them, or better still, substitute it for fruits.

4. Sugary drinks.

Most of the fruit juices we buy in the market are sugar-sweetened, which means that they contain a lot of sugars. And studies have shown that prolong intake of sugar is associated with weight gain, which may not be good for your kids. To avoid this, parents should try and prepare smoothies for their kids or other healthy natural drinks such as zobo and kunu. Water is also a healthy alternative.

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