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Painful Story Of A Woman Who Spent 60 Years Lifting Her Husband Like A Baby

The measure of love is to love without measures. We should also know that love is not a temporal feeling or emotion but emotion and feelings change every day.

This is on the account of a man called "Celestine", he was born disabled, that is his legs do not function at all. His wife (Mary rose) lift and raises him since he could not do anything by himself.

Luckily for him, his wife refused to abandon him despite her mother asked her to run away from him. Life was so difficult for both of them in a way that the wife has to do everything for him.

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According to the man, he was born with a disability, and ever since he was still a child, he has never been taken to a hospital. And when his parents found out about his disability, it was too late for him, so this made him remain like this for the rest of his life.

According to Marry rose, she never knew he was born disabled, he uniquely proposed to her, since he couldn't move, he sent a messenger to ask for her hand in marriage on his behalf of which she agreed to marry him because she is already 30 years old and due for marriage.

When she finally met him, she felt he is the right person for her. According to her, Celestine asked her if she loves him and she said yes. This was how their relationship started and now they have lived together for 60 years.

He couldn't make any movement due to his disability so he needs people to lift him all the time and his wife has been the one doing that for him and she vowed never to leave him.

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