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Fiction: How I Discovered My Wife Aborted Her Pregnancy After We've Been Childless For 6years

Remi and I married six years ago. Our marriage was filled with love despite having no issue.

Of a truth, our parents were on our necks. It has been a trying time all these years.

Today was supposed to be our 6th wedding anniversary. It was supposed to be for celebration but things went sore.

I rushed home before closing hours to clean up the house and prepare her favourite meal of fried rice and grilled chicken.

I prepared the meal and cleaned up the kitchen. I rushed to prepare the bedroom.

I vacuumed the floor and scrubbed the bathroom. Then I changed the bedsheets and laid the bed.

When I was done with the cleaning, I stepped into the bathroom to shower.

I opened the wardrobe to search for matching wears for my wife and I. It was during the search that my eyes fell on my wife's diary.

I didn't want to pry but curiosity took hold of me and I opened her diary. That was how the discovery started.

There she wrote the appointment with the doctor revealed she was four weeks pregnant. Immediately, I was very happy. I closed the dictionary, walked into the kitchen and replaced the wine in the fridge with juice. A pregnant woman wasn't allowed to take red wine.

My mind kept telling me to finish what I was reading from her diary so I went back to pry.

I read the next paragraph. I discovered she booked another appointment with the doctor to terminate the pregnancy. She concluded that she would keep the secret from me forever.

My heart sank. It was in this state my wife walked into the room. She was shocked to see me with her diary.

She picked it up and saw I had read what she thought would remain a secret.

She knelt down and started begging me for forgiveness. I demanded an explanation. She said she just got promoted to the position of a manager and the pregnancy would affect her promotion. She said she regretted her action.

I looked at her with tears in my eyes. I wondered how I married a fox, a viper among women.

I took my car key and left the house.

I'm currently at my parents' place but I'm yet to reveal the shocking secret.

I'm lost in thought. Do I send her out or do I keep her secret?

How could my wife abort a pregnancy when we've been looking for a child for six years?

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