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Pregnancy period

5 Pregnancy Myths A Pregnant Woman Should Not Believe

Pregnancy, one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life, is also the scariest considering its many complexities.

While having credible information is every expecting mom’s priority as she wants the best for the little one growing up in her belly, they tend to fall for one or the other myths associated with pregnancy that are not backed by medical evidences.

Here are the Pregnancy Myths

1. Eat for two during pregnancy: You should not be eating for two. Your calorie intake should depend upon your Body Mass Index (BMI). Not every woman is recommended a 10-12 kg weight gain during her pregnancy. In case you are of normal body weight, you are recommended a 10-12 kg weight gain. 

In case you fall in the overweight category, you are not expected to gain not more than 6-8 Kg. If you are obese, then not more than 2-4 kg should be gained. In case of underweight women, your doctor may recommend gaining 10-15 kg depending upon your BMI.

2. Morning sickness always happens in the morning: It is not true. In fact pregnant women feel more sick in the evening. Many of them after taking lunch start feeling more sick. 

Because the term has been used since ages, morning sickness is associated with feeling sick in the morning. Most women say they are throughout the day they are so overwhelmed with the different smells etc that they don’t feel like having dinner.

3. A pregnant woman experiencing heartburn will give birth to a baby with hair: Heartburn happens because the stomach is pushed by a growing belly. Because of that what happens is that the digestion slows down. 

The amount of food that gets digested in half an hour or 45 minutes takes much longer time because stomach and food pipe is going to be pushed up. So it has no relation to hair growing around the baby.

4. Castor oil helps in delivery: A lot of ancient beliefs that castor oil helps to start labour. Now the rationale behind it was that castor oil was an irritant to intestine and the moment a woman's intestine gets irritated, contractions will start. 

But this again will not lead to labour. In case, the irritants to intestine is too much, it can lead to baby passing stool inside the belly which is called meconium and this is dangerous for the baby's health.

5. After a Caesarean Section(CS) birth, normal delivery is not possible: Though not completely true, after caesarean section, chances of normal delivery is 40% because it is generally done on pregnancy complications, baby in distress, heartbeat issues, baby's position (breech) , slow dilation etc. 

But when CS was done on just baby's position (breech) or it was an elective CS. Then chances of normal delivery is 70%. 

In next pregnancy, normal delivey can be given, seeing the risk factors. In case the woman is not coming into labour herself, giving certain medicines to induce labour and it's not forth coming, then CS is the only option.

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Pregnancy Myths


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