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Why Parents Should Request And Have Access To Their Children's Result In Higher Institutions

It is unfortunate today that many parents and sponsors are only interested in sending a child to school without even knowing what happens academically.

As a parent, if you make everything available for your child who is a student without putting eyes on him or her or by getting to know the performance in his or her studies, it is just a waste of time and energy. The result would not be encouraging too.

The key purpose of going to school has been defeated if he or she is not overseen.

Why you have to check on your child in a higher institution is his or her attitudes towards his or her study. A good attitude means a good result.

The moment some students gain admission into any institution, they become lukewarm in their studies since no one will have to give instructions on what to do. 

They are now independent. Because of the bone-idle their academics will now suffer.

Carry-overs will start accumulating despite making an effort as parents in all other aspects.

You will see someone with 37 carryovers. And the parents are not even aware of it only for them awaiting when the child graduates. 

It is better for the child to be an aspirant of a university than to gather such carryovers.

The truth is hundred of students in different institutions are confused who are not being monitored as parents do not care to result for the result of each semester.

Some parents might feel that the child is at liberty, and it is their future they are toiling with. Sorry, sir/ma, he or she bears the name of your family, and that's where his or her identity is.

What you have to look out for in such children is the kind of friends. It is a free-will environment with students from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Requesting for the result can be a pointer to this.

Know who the friends are. 

Visit your wards in their hostels or classes to see things yourself. But without giving a notice to the child of your coming.

Cultism is there. Cybercrime is more common in higher institutions. You just can't leave this to that child alone to make rash decisions. How can these sets of students focus in school? No way! And that is tantamount to no good result.

Another need for the child is that the parent or guardian must attend to know if he or she attends class. Some might have been withdrawn. Others change departments. 

These sets of students will have no results to show to the parents. Manipulation or formulation of results will be done by such students.

Getting to know your child's result in school will afford you a calm state of mind and what to expect.

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