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Pregnancy period

Linea nigra in pregnancy

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The linea nigra often known as the pregnancy line is a dark line on your abdomen during pregnancy and it usually appears after the first trimester. Although this line is a very common symptom of pregnancy, it can also be rare so if you don't see the line during your pregnancy, you are perfectly okay.

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Causes of Linea nigra during pregnancy

The linea nigra emerges as a result of elevated levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body during pregnancy, which causes some parts of the skin to appear darker. The line tends to fade away after childbirth.

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How to treat linea nigra in pregnancy

The appearance of the pregnancy line bothers some women. However, aside from giving birth, there isn't much you can or should do to make it go away. You are advised to avoid using medications and creams on it because it may contain substances that can harm your baby.

The only treatment for it is childbirth. After childbirth, the line tends to go away, and if does not leave you may use appropriate medications after contacting your doctor.

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