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10 Worst Rules Parents Set For Teenagers

Teenage is a sensitive and vulnerable time for young impressionable minds. Yet, I’ve seen a lot parents setting the most brutal rules for their teenage kids.

Here are some outrageous ones -

1. Not allowing teens to hang out with friends assuming that all their friends are frivolous

If I had a nickle for each time a parent assumed that all their teens’ friends are frivolous, I would be so rich. Parents have got to stop assuming that all teenagers have bad company.

2. Putting restrictions on them with regards to their fashion choices

Teenage years is a time when individuals want to experiment with their fashion choices and to stop teens from doing it is plain wrong. Just because children seem to opt for a different way of dressing up does not make them bad.

3. Putting teens down for wanting to pursue alternate careers later

With newer trends and technologies emerging every now and then, parents should stay aware of the upcoming careers and not force their children of getting bound to traditional 9–5 jobs.

4. Suppressing the sexuality of growing teenagers and judging them

Hormones peak during teenage years and so does sexuality. And so to stop your kids from asserting their sexual choice is immoral. As parents, we should be ready to open all secure channels of conversation with our kids.

5. Forcing teenage kids to study all the time and do nothing else

Studying is good but to force your kids to study all the time isn’t right. Let them pursue whatever hobby they want to or whatever interests them. By burdening teens, parents wary off their productivity.

6. Restricting teens for playing sports

As bizarre as this may sound but most parents restrict their teens from playing sports thereby disrupting their growth as individuals in so many ways.

7. Pressurising teens to get off screens because parents feel they’re into useless stuff

The internet isn’t a bad place. It’s buzzing with opportunities. And so to assume that teens just scroll phones for unethical and immoral things is wrong. At least allow them to explore and differentiate between right and wrong.

8. Pushing teens really hard for good grades

Every parent wants to see their teen outshine and rightfully so. But to keep pushing teens to get good grades and comparing them constantly is one of the most awful things that parents do.

9. Suppressing emerging technological skills of teens

Technology needs to be adapted by everyone. And so to restrict your children from learning skills that will make them smarter is being foolish on parents’ parts.

10. Not respecting religious choices of teenagers.

As parents we should allow our children to explore their own religious choices. Religion isn’t something anyone should force on anyone. If you are, then I guess it’s time to introspect because religion ideally should make people secure.

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