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Four Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

Raising a child is no small ordeal. It takes your time, emotion and money. Sometimes, parents get frustrated and lash out at their children because things are not going the way it should.

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Constantly lashing out at your child can damage them emotionally and crate an adult that you might not bebso proud of. There are certain things you should never say to your child and if you have being saying them try as much as possible to stop.

I do everything for you :

Parents often say this to their children but constantly reminding them of how much you have done for them make them feel like they are a burden to you. Your child sees everything you do and is very much aware of the sacrifices you make. Though they might act out sometimes but know that whatever you do is not lost on them. You can instead say “ I do this for you because I love so please try to do the same for me.”

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I am disappointed in you:

This is not a pleasant thing to say to a child. The child might grow up feeling he or she has totally disappointed you in the actions they have taken and carry the weight of being a total failure. Instead you can say this to the child. “ I am not happy with your actions, please refrain from doing so in the future.”

You are exactly like your mother/ father: 

When used in a negative way it will make the child he or she will end up like that particular parent no matter what they do. It is like saying “ it does not matter what you do you will always be trash because you came from trash. Instead you can simply say “ I am not happy with you for…

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I wish you were more like ….

Saying this to your child might make the feel inadequate and not good enough, you must realize that each child has his or her own unique abilities and flaws. Instead try not to compare them with others while persuading them to do something.

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