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3 Important Things Parents Need To Teach Their Children Early In Their Life

In my opinion, the only thing that we need to teach our children are the right value systems. The best way to teach that is by us living and breathing these value systems in our lives, in front of them. There is no better teacher for children than seeing their parents or elders follow a set of values.

According to me, the top three values to be inculcated in children are

1. Integrity - This includes honesty in all aspects (fulfilling all commitments including minor ones, something as simple as trying to avoid calls from unwanted friends or relatives by asking them to say you are not at home, saying white-lies in front of the kids, following traffic signals, parking your vehicles, following rules in queues etc). Children will pick this characteristic from their parents very quickly and it will be difficult to unlearn this later. As they grow up, some of these may change a bit, but the basic ethos will remain the same.

2. Selfless Nature - Putting others in front of our needs. This is a very important value. It should not be over done too, will end up making the kids into doormats for others to walk over them.

If the parents are taking care of their parents even when they are busy, if the parents help elderly people out in their regular life, if the children see that the mother or father is concerned about (and acts to help) animals, poor people, needy etc., this value system will be learnt by the children.

3. Strong self image - This is an area that most often gets neglected. Part of this is learnt from the parents relationship with themselves (parent's self image) and another part from how the children are treated by the parents. If there is a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, love and care, the self image of the child is strong. If there is too much criticism, comparison with other kids who are high performers in a demeaning way, physical-mental or sexual abuse, then the self-image goes for a toss. Repairing this later in the lives takes a lot of effort and is usually not very successful.

If a child grows up to be an independent person with a strong self image, with integrity in his or her behaviour and is empathetic to the needs of the others, that person would be a model citizen and an ideal child to his or her parents.

If my kids can grow up to be such people, I am sure I would feel that I was successful in my life, irrespective of what else I achieve or don't achieve.

Thanks for reading!!!

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