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Reasons a woman has a problem getting pregnant.

Infertility doesn't just occur in a man or woman, certain factors lead to the inability of a person to become pregnant, hence the need to know some of the causes of infertility is crucial.

According to Cleveland Clinic, reasons a woman has a problem getting pregnant include:

1. If you are over 35 years. An important factor that influences a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant is age. Changes in hormones and risk for some kinds of diseases also increase as you age, and both can affect fertility.

Women in their mid-to late-30s and older are more likely to be exposed to secondary infertility since eggs are lost as they age.

2. If you drink in excess amounts. For men or women, the consumption of too much alcohol can lead to problems with getting pregnant.

Moderate to heavy alcohol intake in women (more than two drinks in a day or more than seven drinks in a week) increases the time it takes to get pregnant and lowers the possibility of delivering a healthy baby.

3. Smoking. This is not good for your health, you might be unaware that smoking can negatively affect your fertility. Women who smoke are more at risk of becoming infertile. Smoking can hurt eggs and cause problems in the release of eggs from your ovary.

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Cleveland Clinic


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