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Pregnancy period

How a small gestational sac affects your pregnancy

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The gestational sac is a fluid-filled structure that surrounds an embryo in the early stages of pregnancy. It is the earliest structure detected in pregnancy by ultrasound as early as 5 weeks of gestational age, and it is 97.6% specific for intrauterine pregnancy diagnosis.

A smaller-than-anticipated gestational sac in early pregnancy, especially during a first ultrasound might simply signify that the pregnancy is farther along than you expected based on the date of your last menstrual period. The next step, in this case, is to arrange a follow-up ultrasound a few weeks later. Your doctor will measure the size of your gestational sac again at the second check up. The sac should be developing properly if the pregnancy is proceeding correctly and your doctor would be able to determine your due date. 

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Here is how a small gestational sac can affect pregnancy

During pregnancy, when the ultrasounds reveal a small gestational sac size, it is a strong indicator of pregnancy loss. In these instances, your doctor will likely advise that you continue to be monitored until you have enough information to decide if the pregnancy is viable

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