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Pregnancy period

Ladies, here are reasons why you experience dry eyes during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, most areas of a woman's body change, and her eyes are no exception. Dry eyes are a well-known pregnant side effect. It usually starts near the end of the first trimester and lasts throughout the pregnancy and sometimes even after the baby is born for months.

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Here are reasons why you have dry eyes during pregnancy

1 Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes particularly a decrease in the male androgen hormones are one of the most common causes of dry eyes. These hormone levels stay steady during childbirth and nursing, however, some women may continue to have dry eye symptoms during nursing.

2 Dry tears production

Tear production normally decreases during pregnancy due to hormonal changes. When tears are generated in a reduced volume dry eyes are almost certain to occur.

3 Oil gland production

The oil glands behave differently during pregnancy than they do normally and these oil changes can prevent the generation of lipids that keep the eye lubricated because there are fewer lipids and oils in the tears, the consistency of the tears changes. As a result, because there is nothing to keep the eyelids from rubbing against the eye which develops a dry eye develops when blinking.

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