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Pregnancy period

Mistakes You Should Avoid During Pregnancy

1. Wrong Sleeping Position

A wrong sleeping position can lead to hemorrhoid, back pain, poor circulation and digestive tissue. Sleeping on your back is considered safe in your first trimester and after that it's advisable you sleep on your sides, left or right for optimal blood flow.

2. Alcohol

Taking alcohol during pregnancy is very risky for both mother and baby's health. Though a small amount might not cause harm but high consumption of alcohol can lead to miscarriage and cause the baby serious health of the heart and behavior.

3. Avoiding Exercise

Exercise during pregnancy is very good as it helps reduce delivery complications, lower blood pressure, ease pelvic pain and reduce constipation in mothers-to-be while in babies it boost brain health and reduces the odds of diabetes.

4. Drugs

Avoid drugs containing ketamine, cocaine and other illegal drugs. These drugs can cause fatal abnormalities and risk of pregnancy complications. Take drugs prescribed only by the doctor.

5. Junks

To avoid premature delivery and fatal development, it's advisable to stay away from junks during pregnancy. It also can lead to obesity and abnormal mental health disorder due to absense of fiber and high salt in junks.

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