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Pregnancy period

How a woman face changes during pregnancy

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It goes without saying that your physique will change during pregnancy. However, not all of these changes will occur below the neck; your face may also undergo significant changes causing you to appear completely different for the next nine months.

Here are changes that will occur on the face during pregnancy

1 Swelling Nose

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Due to increased blood circulation in your mucous membranes, your nose might expand and the increased estrogen production will make your nose appear larger and broader.

2 Puffy eyes

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You may be getting enough sleep and rest, yet your eyes may still have enormous bags underneath them, giving you the appearance of being sleep-deprived. During the third trimester, you'll be exhausted from frequent trips to the bathroom at night and the exhaustion of carrying your entire body weight.

3 Face Swelling 

Photo Credit: Medical news today

Swelling of the hands and feet is a common side effect of pregnancy. However, you might notice your face becomes rounder and chubbier, keep in mind that this plumpness is only temporary, and will dissipate after birth. If your face expands in an unusual way and you start feeling pains, it could be a sign of preeclampsia, and you should see a doctor right away.

4 Skin redness

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Having too much weight on your body can raise your blood pressure, which can alter your skin tone throughout your pregnancy causing your facial skin to appear reddish.

5 Pregnancy glow

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Due to the elevated hormone levels during pregnancy, more oil is produced and this might make your skin greasy highlighting the pregnant 'glow.' An enhanced blood flow during the second trimester will bring more blood to the surface of the skin making you look dewy and beautiful.

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