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9 Signs of a Tiger Parent

Tiger parents have a unique parenting style that prioritizes academic excellence for their children. Tiger parenting is said to be ineffectual and damaging to the emotional health of children by critics. It has been connected to increased rates of depression and anxiety, rather than superior academic achievement, according to studies. A child's birth is also a parent's birth. Their bond is unique, but different parenting styles can have a significant impact on it. Some parents prefer to raise their children in a severe manner, while others are tolerant and lenient. In this post, we'll look at "Tiger Parenting," a type of strict parenting that has negative consequences for children. Let's take a look at tiger parenting and learn more about it.

1. Everything had better be done or else

You might be a tiger mom if you're annoyed that your child's A- minus wasn't an A or an A+. It makes no difference if one does one's best or not, because clearly your child's best was not good enough. Tiger parents aren't content with anything less than perfection. Perfection is expected at school, on the soccer field, at home and why not?

2. You don't show your emotion

Most of the time, your demeanor is frosty. Hugs and kisses aren't given to your children. Authoritarian is a better word for you. Everything revolves around following a set of rules. Your parenting method is nearly scientific, with rules and restrictions in place at every turn.

3. You are too competitive

A Tiger Mom is a mother who is fiercely competitive. These mothers aspire for the best for their children. They are, in a sense, living through their children, which isn't ideal. Is it truly a reflection on you as a parent and a person if your child doesn't perform well in the school play? It isn't the case. It's possible that the child was nervous or had a horrible night's sleep. Except in Tiger Mom's world, where everything a child does is about the mother or father. Tiger Moms who are fiercely competitive may relish every "win" their children achieve, while feeling empty inside when they "lose."

4. You Choose what matters most to them.

You decide what is vital for your children since you are the master tiger king. Your youngster will accomplish your ambition of becoming a gold medal gymnast. Even if your child's heart is set on something completely different than what you had in mind, you shouldn't expect anything less. After all, if it's important to you, it's certain to be significant to her as well.

5. You're a nag

It's not easy to nag someone. You know what I mean if you've ever been nagged. You may be a Tiger Mom if you're always nagging your children. You're undoubtedly shooting yourself in the foot if you constantly pressure your children to do what you want. There's a limit to how much nagging gets through. The people you nag will eventually become irritated with you. Nobody enjoys being constantly bossed around and harassed. In some cases, nagging is appropriate. You're simply trying to be a good mom if you want your child to wear a coat outside because it's winter and cold.

6. Kids aren't allowed to watch TV

Tiger mothers frequently forbid their children from watching television. This can be a good thing because there is so much inappropriate and absurdly funny stuff on TV these days, but it also makes the kids envious of their TV-watching friends.

7. You use a threatning tone at all times.

"If you do this again, I'll ground you for a month," "I'll toss away all your toys," or "I'll beat you up." Your children will suffer as a result of all of this. While being strong with your children is a good thing, threatening them isn't. All you receive in exchange is an outpouring of dissatisfaction.

8. You have a lot of rules that aren't supposed to be broken.

Of course, your list of regulations is lengthy. For everything to be flawless, it must be this way. Just make sure you write down all of your rules because you'll find it difficult to remember them all if you have a lot. Nobody, however, needs to know.

9. Your love is conditional

As a parent, your love for your child should not be determined by what he or she does or has done. It cannot be true love if it is conditional. If the child does something wrong, for example, the warmth and love may be withheld. As a parent, you must understand that love is constant and should not be contingent on your child's good or bad behavior.

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