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Reaction as Father pretends to be a teacher in his children's school during an open day. - Man

In Nigeria, attending parents teachers forum or open day is usually or mostly one of the duties the mothers. Having the fathers visit their children's school during one of the these days become very memorable for the kids.

This twitter user @sam Hart has spark up interesting and funny reactions as he not only visited his children's during an open day but also took up teaching the children a topic for the day.

What sparks up reactions is not only his visits but the reaction of his children during his visit and teaching. According to his tweet, he stated thus' "it is open day at my younger children's school (which also happens to be owned by my wife). So I stopped by to be a teacher for a few minutes and pretended I didn't know my children.

However, his daughter who is seen in the video answering some of the questions as he was teaching them about Nigeria a topic on social studies. Many have found this very interesting and recounted their reactions if they were to be the kids.

Here are some of the reactions.

The little boy captured in camera happens to be his son who also played along and didn't one bit show that the new teacher is his father.

Going down the the comment section, another thing that interests other twitter users is the classroom setting as the classroom of the school which is located in Umuahia, a capital of Abia state has cctv in it. Here are pictures of the classroom.

Parents are beautiful people.

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