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Can 4 Year Children Have urge For Sex?

According to Healthline", Children develop erotically, just as they develop physically, emotionally, and socially. This process begins at birth and continues through childhood. Even young children have erotic feelings and engage in erotic behavior such as touching their copulation parts or saying dirty words. However, here is how 4 years children have feelings for intercourse.

The development of erotic is an integral part of the development and maturation of children. It includes a range of sensory, emotional, and consequent erotic activities that may occur before or during early puberty, but before full erotic maturity is established. The development of child erotic and the perception of child erotic by adults is influenced by social and cultural aspects. The concept of child erotic also played a crucial role in psychoanalysis.

I once met the famous pair of intercourse experimenters, Masters & Johnson, about whom there's a new and successful TV series been made. Bill Masters was originally an obstetrician and mentioned how often an infant boy would have his first erection shortly after birth, and indicated that it appeared that baby girls also showed some signs of arousal very early on. Physical erotic responses are part of one's body's repertoire from very early on, and curiosity about what one's bodies do, how they work, what's different between boys and girls, and what feels good, is almost universal. Erotic feelings in the sense of attempts at some form of masturbation, and finding it feels good, is indeed quite common in young children, and usually harmless. Indeed, they may be more disturbed by a parent reacting as though this was a major calamity, than by the act itself.

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