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If I Realize That My Wife's Kids Are Not Mine Through DNA, I Will Adopt Them -Man Tells Daddy Freeze

In the early hours of today, Daddy Freeze interviewed a Nigerian man based abroad regarding how he would react if he realizes, through DNA test, that his wife's children are not biologically his after many years of courtship.

The Nigerian man said, "Daddy Freeze, the thing is that if I realize that my wife's kids are not mind (through DNA test), I will accept (adopt) them." He added, "I am saying this because of an experience I heard about long ago."

Narrating further, the Nigerian man said, "there was a man who realized that one of his kids was not his but he still accepted him. After many years, all his biological kids could not make it in life but the adopted son was the one who stayed back and helped the man because he became wealthy."

Lastly, the man said, "I am also accepting the kids because no one knows tomorrow. If tomorrow the kids agree to return to their biological father, I don't mind but we always need to remember that kids should not be rejected."

To watch the full video, CLICK Here (between 35th - 39th minutes).

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