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Pregnancy period

4 Surprising Benefits of Pregnancy

Most people are all too familiar with the numerous challenges such as heartburn, fatigue, morning sickness, stretch marks, and leg cramps that are characterized with child expectancy. Sometimes pregnancy may seem like little more than an unpleasant means to a happy ending but its surprisingly comes with pleasures and advantages unknown to most. The extra hormones do not encourage growth of fetus alone, but they also have an effect on moms general well-being. Some usually improve your health during and after pregnancy. What's more, childbirth and breastfeeding offer some healthful benefits of their own, as research also suggest women experience up to 60% positive feeling during pregnancy as they feel more strengthened during the second and third trimesters, although there are handful of negative feeling wonderful changes take place in your body as you experience some of the benefits for longer time even post partum.

Health Becomes Important

Pregnancy causes many women to institute many useful habits and a more positive health changes as bad habits gets checked as experts say pregnancy is one of the most effective inspirations for quitting smoking. It's also the best encouragement for getting fresh air and to begin exercising, Diseases get managed better such as diabetes as new habits tend to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

No More Menstrual Cramp

You wonder why most women look forward to pregnancy, its certainly because of the frustrations of menstruation. However, after childbirth and breastfeeding menstrual cycle most likely resume in most however with fewer cramps which is a welcome side effect. The reason for the reduction in pain is not clear as most studies infer that childbirth eliminates some of the prostaglandin receptors in the uterus. Prostaglandin is the hormone that direct the uterus to contract during labor, also play a role in monthly menstrual pain. Fewer pain-receptor sites, fewer cramps probably because of the hormone increase.

Senses are Heightened

Pregnancy seems to increase the taste perception, most likely because your sense of smell increases. You begin to wonder how come? and whether it was the same nose that made sickness worse in early trimester of pregnancy and how can suddenly food taste delicious later on. Some suggest it is due to a surge in levels of estrogen as it may assist you in avoiding avoid dangerous substances such as alcohol and smoke ahead of hand.

Sex is better

Sex gets stellar for women as sensitivity increases, For most women sex improves during the second trimester as there is an increase in blood flow to pelvic area increasing sensitivity and likelihood to orgasm during sex, Many women are different as some may feel more inclined toward sex and others may feel unpleasant about that the new weight gain which makes them push their partners away. Notwithstanding it is important to create such intimacy by performing acts that bring both closer together such as massages, brushing hairs, rubbing body parts to relieve pains. More so pregnancy hormones as well as androgens (which are male hormones produced by both male and female fetuses) will kick in, heating up your libido. Enjoy feeling frisky for as long as you can, your baby is not watching, Don't Worry !

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