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Brain boosting nutrients for toddlers

Your child's brain grows over the first 36 months of her existence as she absorbs everything around her and learns how to think, react, and solve crucial problems.

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Brain growth is aided by activities such as reading to your kid, listening to music, constructing blocks together, playing games with her, and allowing her to explore her surroundings. However, they aren't the only ways you can aid your toddler's brain development because providing her with nutritional foods is also crucial.

Best brain-building nutrients for your child

1 Choline

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Choline is a vitamin that is necessary for the development of the brain, memory, and muscle function. It also aids communication between the brain and the rest of the body, as well as mood regulation.

2 Omega-3 fatty acids

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These beneficial fats, which include ALA, DHA, and EPA, are important for brain and eye development as well as mood stabilization.

3 Complex carbs

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Complex carbs are the brain's primary source of fuel because they are broken down into glucose in the body, which the body and brain use as energy.

4 Antioxidants safeguard your toddler's brain from the effects of normal wear and tear.

If your child is a picky eater, here's how to entice your child's taste senses while also ensuring she gets the nutrition her developing body and brain require.

1 Yogurt and berries

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Toss fresh berries into basic, choline-rich yogurt because berries are rich in antioxidants especially blueberries. Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are also excellent alternatives, and the flashes of color and the flavor of natural sweetness will delight your child.

2 Salmon

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You can serve tiny slices of salmon fillets or a salmon salad to entice your child. Make sure you remove the bones from the fish.

3 Scrambled eggs

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Make scrambled eggs because they are rich in omega-3 acids and the yolk is particularly high in choline

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