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What New Mothers Should Know About A Baby's Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord stump of your newborn is a tiny patch of skin that serves as the final link to his time in the womb. When your baby's umbilical cord is cut at birth, a portion of it stays linked to his navel, and it will transform during his early days. The umbilical cord stump should dry up and fall away by the time your kid is 3 weeks old, even if it appears to be taking its own time. 

Photo Credit: Baby centre

The majority of cords dry completely before falling off, leaving a lovely baby belly button behind and a small amount of blood-tinged fluid pouring out may be visible. If you start noticing the blood, there is no need for alarm because it is a normal experience. However, if you notice more profuse bleeding contact your doctor immediately.

Here are ways to take care of your baby's umbilical cord to promote good healing

1 Keep it clean

Photo Credit: Paediatric society

If the stump becomes dirty, wipe it lightly with a wet washcloth before patting it dry. Soap should be avoided since it can irritate a baby's sensitive skin.

2 Stick to sponge baths

Photo Credit : BabyCenter

 For the time being, don't put your baby's navel underwater and sponge baths will suffice. However, you can bathe your infant in his pint-sized tub once the stump comes off.

3 Dress delicately

Photo Credit: BBC

Choose clothing with a particular cutout for this area or loose-fitting clothing that doesn't press against the stump.

4 Diaper with care

Photo Credit: FirstCry

 Avoid using the top of his diaper to conceal the stump. To protect the diaper from touching the stump region, some newborn-size disposables have a notch at the waistband, or you can simply fold down the front of the diaper.

5 Refrain from touching or yanking

Allow the scab to fall off naturally. Never pull it, even if it just appears to be connected by a sliver of a thread because it may start bleeding continually if it is ripped off too soon.

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