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Declare These Powerful Prayers For Safe Delivery

God has given us children as a lovely gift. It takes the mercy of God for every pregnant woman to carry her kid to term and give birth after nine months.

Every family's dream is to have a child. For years, people have been looking forward to this moment. In general, the prospective mother's entire family is anxiously anticipating the birth of her children. Moreover, the mother shares the same apprehension. The worry of the soon-to-be mother is whether or not the baby will be healthy.

As an expectant woman, try saying these prayers to God, asking for a safe delivery:

I thank you, Lord, for loving me and my child. Each moment that lies ahead of us is in Your capable hands. That is something I must remember. Please help me to be less worried. Take away my fearful heart and replace it with Your serenity that surpasses all comprehension! Take my hand in yours and guide me. 

Please give me the endurance that only you can give me, and keep me safe. Keep an eye on my baby and make sure he or she has the finest possible start in life.

Lord, may Your will be done. As I go through labor and delivery, give me a sense of serenity and purpose. Physical pain has the ability to overwhelm me. Help me to cling to You and anticipate the joy that will come when I meet my kid for the first time. 

Give the physicians, nurses, and personnel who will be caring for me today expertise and wisdom. Allow them to be helpful and kind, and allow me and my family to bless them as well. Nothing is easy except what You make easy, O God. You can make grief easier if you want.

Your word, Almighty God, says that you would grant us anything our hearts want. As a result, I'd like to express my gratitude to you today for granting me my wish to conceive. When the time comes, I'm hoping for a safe birth. Because I know you care about me, I cast all my worries, anxieties, and fears on you. I'm hoping for a straightforward delivery. May my child be born in the likeness of you. 

Thank you, God, for this perfect new life you created in my womb. I am confident that the child is fearfully and beautifully designed. 

I pray for your presence in more ways than I can comprehend as I prepare for the delivery. I'm confident that you will never abandon me.

My labor prayer is that God Almighty's mercy and protection find my baby when I place my hands on my womb. I immobilize any adversary who may be working against my unborn child and pray that everything goes smoothly during birth.

As my labor begins, Almighty God, I pray that you send your angels to keep watch over me. Protect and comfort me, Lord; surround me with your hope and goodness. Hold my hand while I go through each stage of labor. Now and forever, keep me safe within your promises. 

Today, I say a prayer of faith to my kid in the womb, I pray that you will be filled with pleasure and gladness, I proclaim that I will deliver my kid without any issues.

Your mercy, Lord, triumphs in every circumstance. I pray that you take away any grief and bitterness from my pregnancy and birth, that you give me the endurance that only you can provide, and that you keep me safe. Keep an eye on me during labor and delivery, and allow my child to be delivered under the greatest possible conditions.

May God bless all the Sisters who are pregnant and help them produce beautiful and religious children who will lead the Community in the future. Ameen. My thoughts and prayers are with you at all times.

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