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10 Sophisticated Lies Every Nigerian Child Believes In While Growing And When Grown

If you grew up as a kid in Nigeria during the late 80s and 90s, then you must have fallen victim to these 10 most common lies we were told by our parents and aged men. The funny part however is not the lies but that we fell for their lies and surprisingly we still believe in some of these lies our elders told us. Nevertheless, these stories and lies made us a little bit happy and these are memories contemporary children are not experiencing.

Scary stories were mostly told to stubborn kids to make them change from their bad behaviors.

Today if you remember how you were deceived as a kid, all you can do is to laugh it off but it won't be bad to look back at old times and remember some of the funny lies that we were told by our parents.

Here are 10 common lies, we were told as a kid.

1: "Drinking Coke and Mango can kill you"

This is also one of the biggest common lies we were told when we were kids, I recollected nearly trying it then, but the caution from friends stopped me. You should know that mango and coca-cola can not and will not harm you.

2: Sipping Garri and chewing Mango can kill you

I use to believe this trick when I was a child, I tried it and am still healthy and strong. Believe me, this is a fat lie because several people have tried it and they are still alive.

3: "Ojuju or ghosts attack crying kids in the night."

I don't even remember how I knew this but I still say this to children whenever they start crying at night. Funny how think "Ojuju" exists.

4: "Chekeleke" will make your fingernails very lovely

Winter birds, it was clear that wasn't true but we fell for this prank. We were so naive to believe that birds could give us shining fingernails.

5: They told us that Drinking down Orange seeds can grow an orange tree in your belly.

This scared me while growing up because I swallowed lots of orange seeds and I was so scared of an orange tree growing in my stomach. This is so ridiculous.

6: They told us that if a Lizard does not digest your tooth when you lose it then it will not develop back

This is even funny as it seems because lizards can't eat bone or tooth, I recall throwing my tooth where lizards would see and eat it, very funny.

7: They told us that we will see spirit if you bend over and gaze through your legs in the market.

If I must confess, I don't believe in this but I certainly don't see myself trying it out, because some people said they tried it and it worked for them while some said it didn't.

8: "Staring at the Mirror before going to bed at night will bring you scary dreams".

This is funny because we have done it so many times, but nothing happened but the truth is that we used to believe in it as a kid.

9: "We were told if we play a two-man game alone, ghosts will join us".

As a kid I remembered whenever am going out to play a game, am I recall the instructions or this particular 'superstitious' belief, I end up finding something else to do. To avoid the "ghost" thing.

10: "That We Are The Leaders Of Tomorrow"

Do you remember the song?

"Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow", (Laughs) this primary song certainly sank deep into our heads and we believed that once we grow up we will easily become the leaders of everyone not even excluding our parents. Well, if you have grown now, you can testify that this was one of the biggest lies ever told. "We Don grow but our present leaders' don Change the padlock".

Education is key they said. Which of these funny lies can you relate to?

Content created and supplied by: Petr_chido (via Opera News )

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