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How to babyproof your house when your baby is crawling

It's amusing to watch your children's small bodies creep around. Crawling and investigating their surroundings are two of their favorite activities and someone must keep an eye on them while they're crawling since they could injure themselves. It is also important to make the environment safe.

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Here are ways to make your house safe for a crawling baby

1 Don't use table cloths

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Table covers may appear to be elegant, but they are not a good choice when your child is crawling and learning to stand because they grab whatever they can get their hands on and they may drop hot items and cutlery on them while pulling the table cover.

2 Cover electrical sockets

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Switches are a favorite toy for babies. Cover them and keep them out of the reach of children.

3 Do not put the children on the bed

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When babies learn to roll over, it's a bad idea to put them on a bed. Instead, set the baby on a heavy object on the floor or in his playpen, which is both safe and enjoyable for them because the baby's delicate brain could be harmed if there is a fall.

4 Place barricades in no-entry areas such as the kitchen and stairwells

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As long as you're in the kitchen, babies are fascinated by the sounds of cutlery and are eager to investigate your surroundings. They also enjoy stairwells since they can play 'go up and down'. Putting barricades is a good idea if you have a baby just crawling because it will help prevent a fall from the stairs.

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