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Tips to help you pass time during early labor

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Early labor is generally the longest stage of the pregnancy process. Contractions may be intermittent and up to 20 minutes apart, because early labor can be a very long process, relaxing and diversion might be helpful at this time. 

Here are some suggestions for passing the time.

1 Practice relaxation techniques

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You can practice relaxation techniques to help you cope with labor. These approaches can aid in the induction of a sense of calm and relaxation during the early stages of labor.

2 Take a stroll

Photo Credit: Healthline

Walking during early labor is not only a terrific way to pass the time, but it also has other advantages because staying mobile increases your chance of short labor and you are less likely to require a c-section and an epidural for pain relief. 

3 Bake 

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Baking can be a relaxing task that allows you to go about your daily routine. You might want to prepare some cookies or brownies to bring to the hospital with you.

4 Watch a movie

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Watching a movie can be a calming distraction for some people. You can look through Netflix to see what fits your mood. It's lovely to cuddle up with your loved ones for one last quiet movie.

5 Complete Your Bag Packing

Photo Credit: Babycentre

You've most likely prepared ahead and packed the majority of the items you'll need at the hospital or birth center. Now is the moment to relax and quietly go over your checklist, looking for any last-minute items you might require such as personal care goods.

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