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Pregnancy period

For Women: Habits That Gradually Damage Your Womb Over Time

The womb is a very important part of how women have babies. The uterus is an organ that looks like a pear. It is where a baby grows until it is born. In other words, the womb is an organ that gives the fertilized egg a place to live and food to eat until birth.

Healthline says that women who want to get pregnant can increase their chances by making a few changes to their diet and way of life. Here are some bad habits that every woman should try to stay away from at all costs because they could hurt the developing baby.

1. Too much caffeine

You don't have to give up your cup of coffee every morning, but you should drink less of it. Even though the effects may be different for different people, you shouldn't drink more than two glasses a day. Research from 2016 by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine found a link between drinking more than five cups of coffee a day and having less children.

2. Cigarette

Cigarette smoke makes it harder for a baby to grow inside its mother's womb, so heavy smokers are more likely to have trouble getting pregnant.

3. Pills for abortion

Medication used to end a pregnancy without a doctor's supervision may make it harder to get pregnant and keep a pregnancy going in the future. So, if the uterus has an infection that needs treatment, it won't be missed during the surgery.

4.: Having too much to drink

When a woman drinks alcohol during the first three months of pregnancy, her baby is more likely to be born with a facial defect. It affects the baby's growth and any problems with the central nervous system. It also affects the baby's birth weight.

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