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What To Do If Your Kids Keep Fighting To Help Them Develop A Stronger Sibling Bond.

Most parents go through a lot in the hands of their kids. The other day, I went to the market and saw two little boys, around age seven and nine fighting so hard inside a muddy gutter. A lot of adults struggled so hard to separate the two. It was definitely more embarrassing for their poor mum who sat on the floor crying, rather than any of the boys.

Young siblings are fond of fighting for the smallest reasons. And many of them can even turn their home into a war zone. Having quarrels and fights are part of their development as kids.

However, no parent would be happy to always separate their fighting kids. But there are great ways to reduce this sibling fighting of a thing. In this article, I'll be talking about what most parents should do, if they find out their kids are always fighting, in order to boost the bond between the siblings. See them below;

1. Be a good role model first. 

Children don't just wake up one day and start the habit of fighting. It usually begins from what they see and learn from you as their parent. They must have probably seen you fighting with someone for them to develop the habit. Always try to be a good role model while in front of your kids, and they would surely learn how to handle misunderstandings in a better way than fighting. 

2. Treat every child in your home the same way.

One of the major reasons why kids tend to fight all the time is because they feel you have favorites. As a parent, you need to try as much as possible to love every child the same way. Also, avoid taking sides whenever you see them fighting. Never judge who is right and who is wrong. This would definitely help to improve their bond as siblings.

3. Talk to them. 

Proper communication is very important in parenting. Always make use of good talk to teach your kids about other ways to solve problems and misunderstandings without needing to fight. Set the ground rules of what can and can't be done to resolve an issue.

Source: Verywell Family.

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