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Meet The Tallest People In Africa; The Dinka Tribe (Photos)

As babies are born each day, the physical traits of every child seams to be unique in one way or another. They are many tribes in Africa today, and each of these tribes have something that makes them unique.

An African tribe known as the Dinka people have been discovered to be the tallest people in the African continent today.

The tribe who mostly depends on livestock farming as their source of livelihood span up to the 10ft of height and are very agile.

The natural height of people from the Dinka Tribe has drawn the attention of the world to their native settlement in Sudan. This has resulted in the visiting of many westerners who are amazed by their physique.

The natural height of people from this African tribe has also paved way for them in the international athletic space, as they are seen participating in different world sport events.

What do you think about the Dinka Tribe?

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