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Practises Nursing Mothers Can Observe To Produce Enough Breast Milk During Breastfeeding

One of the challenging areas in marriage for nursing mothers after giving birth is little or low production of milk during breastfeeding. While some women have no challenge with the amount of milk their breasts can produce for the consumption of their newborn infants, others experience little or no production of milk. Contrary to non professional opinions on the subject matter of breast milk, the quantity of milk produced during breastfeeding is not determined by the size of the woman's breasts, because, naturally, after childbirth, milk is produced to feed the new born child. Lack of breast milk can be more challenging for women who wish to practise Exclusive Breastfeeding (a situation that allows the mother to feed the baby with only breast milk for the first six months without water or any industrial made formula).

According to revelations made by a medical report as recommended by medical experts, as a nursing mother, you can observe the following practices to produce more milk for the consumption of your infant baby after childbirth:

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1. Reduce your involvement in stress related occurrences. Stress has been medically described as any kind of natural feeling that makes it difficult for one to cope with certain demands and events of life. Demands such as financial pressures, work, domestic activities etc can produce stress.

2. Have a frequent skin to skin contact with your new born baby, most especially within the first few days after birthing him/her to create mother and child bond.

3. Take considerable amount of water on daily basis after birth. According to the report, you should take at least 2 liters of water everyday to avoid any form of dehydration.

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4. Avoid smoking. Peradventure you used to smoke before childbirth, if you want your breasts to produce enough milk for your baby, you should not have anything to do with smoking no matter the urge to do so.

5. Eating of nutrious meals. Do not get yourself starved or skip eating of food. You are required to eat at least 3 nutrious meals on daily basis.

6. No matter how much you may want to get some things done in the house, you should have as much rest as possible.

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Source || medical news today

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