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What a woman may undergo after childbirth

Researchers have told Medicalnewstoday that the changes in hormones that happen during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding may make it harder for some women to get better. You may also need to regain strength in some areas:

1. The pelvis may be weak and prone to aches, pains, and irritations.

2. Taking care of a baby can make the shoulders feel extra heavy and cause them to slump forward.

3. A woman may lose core strength and muscles in her pelvic floor.

Above that, you may still feel more tired, have back pain, leak urine, have sexual problems, and have irritation in your perineum even 6-7 months after giving birth. These health problems may make it more likely for new moms to feel sad or depressed.

Women who have just given birth should know that it takes time to get better. Women should give themselves enough time and space to do this before making any changes. And focusing too much on losing weight or getting back to the way you used to work out may hurt you more than help. Be kind and patient with yourself to help get rid of the worry.

If you notice that it's taking you a long time to get back to normal, don't think that you've passed some made-up maternity test.

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