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Pregnancy period

4 Teratogens that can cause pregnancy complications

Photo Credit: Parents

A teratogen is any substance that impairs a baby's development when a mother is exposed to it during pregnancy. Although there are billions of potential teratogens, only a few have been proved to have teratogenic effects, and these factors may cause a baby to be born with a birth defect.

Teratogens can be found anywhere, including your home, garden, medicine cabinet, and even inside your body. The first step in safeguarding yourself and your baby is to understand what these harmful substances are.

Here are teratogens that can cause pregnancy complications

1 Alcohol

Photo Credit: Healthline

During pregnancy, wine, beer, and any other sort of alcohol can be harmful to a baby. Alcohol can induce stillbirth and miscarriage when it travels through the umbilical cord to a developing infant. It can also cause fetal alcohol syndrome which is a lifetime of physical, behavioral, and intellectual impairments.

2 Smoking Cigarettes

Photo Credit: Healthline

Cigarettes contain nicotine which can cause various birth defects and have a negative influence on fertility. It also raises the chance of pregnancy difficulties such as stillbirth and miscarriage. Smoking, in particular, can harm the delicate, growing tissue of a developing baby's lungs and brain.

3 Radiation

Photo Credit: Healthline

Babies are susceptible to some invisible environmental factors even when in the womb. Radiation from x-rays or heat sources that cause your temperature to rise above 102 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended length of time should be avoided in other to avoid birth defects.

4 Infections

Photo Credit: CDC

The infant can be harmed if a pregnant woman is exposed to certain viruses, bacterias, and parasites. Pregnant women with high fever and COVID-19 are prone to preeclampsia which can lead to preterm labor if not well managed.

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