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" I Was Born With HIV, Got Pregnant At The Age Of 14 And Joined Prostitution To Feed My Kid" - Lady

We are all made in God's picture and resemblance, we are for the most part lovely, regardless of our wellbeing, status or the issues that bother us everyday. Today I will bring to you the account of a lady who has been HIV positive from birth and the numerous difficulties she needed to over just to survive.

Her name is Regina Nge'endo and as indicated by her in an interview, she was raised by her mom. She in the end lost her mom which made her live with her grandma. 

In the meeting, she guaranteed she previously had HIV from birth yet she never knew until she was 13 years of age. She was consistently inquisitive about the medications that were constantly offered to her which made her look for the guidance of a specialist who revealed to her that the medications were for HIV and that she was HIV positive.

Things got truly downright terrible at age 14, she delivered her first kid who was fathered by a stranger she just met. The Father of the youngster in the end deserted her and their infant which left her sorrowful. 

In a bid to survive, she started to lay down with men for cash so as to be able to take care of herself and her infant.

Unluckily for her, she took in with another baby which she gave birth to safely but soon after the child became sick, she rushed him to the church for prayers and that was where she encountered God and gave her life to Christ.

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Born With HIV Regina Nge'endo


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