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6 healthy finger foods you can give your picky eater kids for better nourishment

Picky eating simply means when one decides not to eat some food (s), the habit which is likely to be repeated more often. Picky eating is common in toddlers and elementary school children, picky eaters may like to eat one or two foods several times thereby rejecting others.

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 It is important to serve kids with nutritious meals to enhance their healthy growth, hence parents need to help their kids so that they can eat different foods. In my opinion, if parents follow the steps mentioned below, it is possible for their picky eater kid(s) to change for better and eat different delicious foods prepared by their parents.

1. Parents should try and make the food to be more tasty. Many kids usually decide if they will eat a kind of food by just tasting a spoon out of the food. For example, if your child doesn't like moinmoin which is a very popular Nigerian food, you can double the effort by incorporating eggs, fish and the likes to make it more delicious.

2. There should be a meal time for all family members. In my own view, it normally signify unity to eat together as a family all other things been equal. Eating together will encourage a picky eater child to have interest in the food because others are also eating at the same time. 

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3. Offer your kids new foods regularly so that they will be used to it.

4. If you have tried some of the above and they didn't work for them, make sure that they are not left hungry when they reject foods. You can give them healthy small chops or finger foods which I believe children love to eat. I'll suggest some healthy finger foods you can prepare for your kids.

1. Samosa

Samosa is filled with meat and other veggies that are essential for children growth and development. It is therefore a nice finger food for your kids.

Photo credit: The guardian Nigeria

2. Gizdodo

This delicacy is a combination of chopped gizzards and fried plantain in stew. It is healthy for kids because plantain is a source of fibre which is good for kids healthy weight maintenance, likewise gizzard is a rich source of animal protein for a child healthy growth.

Photo credit: Chef Lola's kitchen

3. Spring rolls

Spring rolls contain healthy vegetables fillings such as onions, cabbage, and the likes. Children need veggies more to increase their metabolism, and also supply them with essential vitamins and minerals.

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4. Wateryam fritters

Photo credit: The pretend chef

5. Beans cake

Photo credit: K's cuisines

6. Chinchin

It is important to make the chinchin soft and crunchy so that your kids can eat it comfortably. 

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In conclusion, it is important to encourage your kids to eat healthy meals, but if some of them still remain adamant, it is important to find alternatives. You can try to give them healthy finger foods instead of leaving them to remain hungry, which can affect them emotionally, physically and mentally. 

Hope you like this writeup, you can also forward to families and friends to benefit from it. Thanks for reading!

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