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4 Foods Children Eat That May Not Be Good For Them

The food that we give to our children on a regular basis doesn't just directly affect their health, it also leaves an impression on our children on what is acceptable to eat frequently.

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Some foods are generally not good for children's consumption and we will be sharing some of these foods shortly.

1. Honey.

Until your child is about 2 years old, honey is something that shouldn't be included in their diet. This is because honey could contain a very toxic bacteria called "botulism".

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This botulism could be harmful to kids because their immune system might not be strong enough to fight it, unlike that of adults.

2. Raw milk.

Research has shown that raw milk (milk that hasn't been pasteurised) is more likely to cause food borne disease. Even if you believe that raw milk is healthier than pasteurised milk because the digestive enzymes and nutrients are not killed off, you should bear in mind that it is very risky for kids.

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This is because their immune system might not be as strong as that of an adult. Instead of giving your children raw milk, try giving them pasteurised milk, soy milk or tiger nuts milk as an healthy alternative.

3. Hot dogs.

Hot dogs are highly processed meats. They contain nitrates which are linked to an increased risk of cancer. Eating lots of processed meats like hot dogs is also associated with some sever health conditions like coronary heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

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Just like hot dogs, most processed meats are also very bad for your health as they are high in sodium and unsaturated fats. This food is not only bad for kids, it is bad for adults as well.

4. Noodles.

Noodles are processed foods that are packed with refined sugars. They contain little nutrients and this might not be too good for your kids. Photo credit: Parents

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