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These 6 and 7 years old sisters are worth $5million, see what business they do

There are like only three kids in Africa doing great things outside their primary education. That is because black people are afraid to let their kids be apart of anything that is not education. If Emmanuella from Nigerian comedy, Mark Angel comedy, isn't making so much money from it, her parents wouldn't listen to any of her demands and throw her right back into a public school. But not long ago she built a mansion for her mom which only means she is doing well.

The truth is that most parents are too afraid to take a jump. They are afraid to let their kids chase their dreams if it's not school. They don't teach kids to get out of their comfort zone. Nothing happens there. No millionaires has been made in the comfort zone. But Dani Lane and Dannah Lane's parents knows better.

Dani and Dannah are kid stars in the entertainment industry. Maybe you have seen their random videos on Instagram or someone's WhatsApp status, or maybe you've not. They are actresses and you can catch them on Nickelodeon.

Dani and Dannah are currently working on a family tv show. You can see them making faces and look at the whole board of directors and phoyographers they are working with at such a young age.

They started their career at the young age of 3. They've starred in many TV shows and they even run a YouTube channel. Dani and Dannah's Insta page is so much fun, you just have to smile. They way they talk, the way they explain stuff, AND they are always laughing.

This is Dani

And this is Dannah

If we ever needed inspiration in this world, it’s now and Dani,7, and Dannah,6, are here to give it to you one YouTube video at a time. These girls have vibrant personalities that light up social media and give practical advice that is often beyond their age.

Dani and Dannah encourage everyone they know to “Call Jesus” because they believe that there is an answer for everything in the divine. Their heart for God and people are what draws the masses to them online.

But these girls didn't just put themselves on the spotlight. The entire family is on. And even though most people recognizes only Dani and Dannah, if you are a big fan, you'll also know their two big sisters whose names also start with the letter "D".

These cuties are already worth a whopping joint sum of five million dollars, and they are only getting started. So the girls put out content for the world, and their parents gets to keep the pay for giving birth to such excellent children. But that doesn't mean Dani doesn't get a bowl of ice cream if she asks for one. By the time they are teenagers, half the world would know them. I pray their legs take them to good places and they don't fall into the things of the world.

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