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Pregnancy period

POSTPARTUM: 3 home remedies for managing stomach pain

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With all of the pains that women go through during pregnancy and labor, most mothers are glad to know that after delivery, they are pain-free. However, some women may continue to have stomach pain after giving birth. These excruciating symptoms are usually an indication that your body is returning to normal.

The mother's post-birth pains are determined by the type of delivery she experienced. If the delivery was a typical vaginal delivery, the majority of the discomfort will subside within a few weeks.

Here are 3 home remedies for managing postpartum stomach pain

1 Honey

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Infections in the womb can sometimes result in severe cramping resulting in abdominal swelling. Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce swelling and cure abdominal swelling. Add a tablespoon of honey to lukewarm water and drink every morning after delivery.

2 Lime juice

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After giving birth, a mother's body is at its most vulnerable because the immune system is only now beginning to rebuild itself, and the digestive system is adjusting to the alterations. Lime mixed with hot water not only relieves stomach ache but also gives the minerals required for recuperation. 

3 A Bath in Warm Water

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Warm compresses around the uterus and abdomen have been proven to help because the pain is usually located there. Taking a lovely soothing bath in a tub filled with warm water helps relieve stomach pain. However, you are advised to make sure it's not too hot. Immerse yourself in the water for about half an hour twice a day, and enjoy the relief that comes with it.

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