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What to expect during labor

Photo Credit: Cleveland Clinic

Contractions, discomfort, and, in many cases, an epidural are all common occurrences during birth. However, there are a few more things that can happen and catch you off guard. Some of them are frequent and harmless, while others require more immediate attention.

Here are some events that can happen during labor

1 Irregular bowel motions

Photo Credit: Today's parent

The same muscles that are used for pooping are also engaged during labor which makes it normal when one slips out. Women frequently experience bowel movements during labor which indicates that the right muscles are being used to push the baby out.

2 Vomiting and nausea

Photo Credit: Romper

Nausea and vomiting aren't just symptoms of morning sickness, they can also occur during labor particularly during the active stage and as you push your baby out. They also occur in women who receive an epidural because it may lead to a drop in blood pressure which may result in vomiting.

3 Prolonged labor

Photo Credit: Medical News Today

The latent phase, active phase, and transition phase are all part of the first stage of labor. However, these phases do not always occur as swiftly as they should. The prolonged latent phase lasts more than 20 hours for first-time moms and 14 hours if you've given birth before.

4 Rapid labor

Photo Credit: Today's parent

It is also possible to give birth too soon. When a baby arrives less than three hours after contractions begin it is referred to as rapid labor. The major concerns associated with this are not being able to go to the hospital in time to obtain pain medication, give birth in a sanitary atmosphere, and be surrounded by professionals. You are advised to contact your doctor if you did not make it to the hospital before he/she gets here.

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