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Daddy, 5 Demands Of Paternity Leave.

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Paternity leave is a permit of absence from work granted a man to take care of his newly born baby and wife. The duration of leave is dependent on the civil service policy of a country. In Nigeria, paternity leave lasts for two weeks. This was a recent development in the civil service of Nigeria. 

Every daddy should be properly informed on what he is about to encounter during this period. Hence, adequate preparation should be on the ground to meet some of the demands of paternity leave.

Here are some of the demands:

1. Clearance at the workplace:

Job ethics demand that you attend to any outstanding duty before your paternity leave. It will be quite insensitive of you to embark on paternity leave with some outstanding office duties.

Some organisations wouldn't grant you leave unless you clear any outstanding tasks. Your paternity leave shouldn't undermine the productivity of your workplace.

2. Finance:

A Father is the breadwinner of the family. Pregnancy gives 9 months notice ahead of delivery time. It should pre-inform a dad on the need to prepare financially. Paternity leave is a period of financial expenses.

You will have additional bills such as - baby foods, baby toiletries, cosmetics, babywear, baby routine drugs, etc. Your wife's needs will also be met; it demands your finance.

3. Privacy:

For newly wedded couples, a third person has entered the family. The presence of the baby will affect your privacy. Furthermore, friends and family would reduce the level of privacy you used to enjoy.

4. Sleepless nights:

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How could you be comfortably sleeping when the baby cried pathetically in the middle of the night? Get ready to become a night watcher. You need to take some night shifts. This will lead to sleep deprivation. Make sure you sleep at any slight opportunity.

5. Abstinence:

Your wife will experience a reduction in her urge for intimacy. Childbirth has caused some hormonal changes in her body. Prepare to take stay away from physical intimacy. Keep your mind away from it completely. Don't worry; intimacy will be restored when she fully recovers.

Paternity leave has its attendant challenges. When a daddy prepares before time, he will live up to the demands of paternity leave.

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